Charity Coffee is the fundraising arm of Tico's Coffee Roasting Company for non-profits, charities, and faith-based organizations.  

We are a family owned small business and a committed member of our community, just like you.

Since starting Tico's Coffee over 18 years ago, one of our main objectives has been to be a contributing member of the communities in which we live, work, and play. 

Our contributions to this point have been via donations and time spent volunteering on business, government, and non-profit task forces, committees, and boards of directors, primarily at the county level in Marion County, Oregon.

The goal of Charity Coffee is to give back financially at an even greater and more systematic way than before.

Tico's Coffee has been supplying specialty coffees primarily to the wholesale market (restaurants and coffee shops) in addition to our online sales. With most gathering places forced to shut down significantly (or worse, altogether), we've seen a significant increase in our online sales by customers purchasing coffee to enjoy at their home or office.

Charity Coffee is a simple way for us to help advance organizations doing good in the world and to give back in a greater and ongoing way.

We're excited to bring our exceptional coffees and this proven framework to help great organizations thrive.

We know how important it is for the good causes of this world to advance and do good in the world around us!

Your daily habit can bring financial rewards and blessing to the communities in which we live work and play!